Pioneer In Digital Transformation

Softcom Digital was founded on the idea that digital transformation is at the top of agenda in Financial services sector and Softcom Digital delivers solutions using effective strategies, redefining interactions between the financial institutions and their customers.

“Digitization” is the business jargon for the Softcom Digital besides the user experience enhancement services and process streamlining.

Financial digitization is nothing new but what sets us apart is our team; highly qualified and self driven professionals led by pioneers in Banking, Products and Services Industries. Our core principles are Accelerate Digitization, Accuracy and Transparency

Meet Our Leadership Team

Global Digital Transformation Leaders

Satyam Yalala, CEO

Satyam Yalala is the President & CEO of Softcom Systems, Inc& Softcom Digital and has more than two decades of rich experience in areas of Professional services, Offshore Outsourcing, and Software Development

Satyam has embedded a culture of customer-focus and integrity of Softcom. He also actively involved in the execution of social and welfare projects to help the disadvantaged.

Vinay Cheruku

Vinay Cheruku is the CTO of Softcom Digital Inc. Vinay is a senior technology executive with 20+ years of experience in developing enterprise applications...

Michael J Marian

Mike Marian is the Head of Business Development. Mike has 12+ years of Business Process Analysis and Quality Assurance experience in Private Banking and Technology domains.